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Toronto aims to establish first new mobility cluster Investments in Solar Roofs Replacements Toyota's 100,000 hybrids
30 Jul 2015
Hollywood for film; Silicon Valley for IT….now Toronto wants to play host to the world’s first new mobility cluster, a power house of innovation across the broad sweep of goods, services and ideas that go to support sustainable transport.
22 Oct 2015
The corporate leadership of the WBCSD Sustainable Mobility Project continue to invest in solar roof initiatives across the US. More than 80 million US dollars have been destined for this residential redevelopment project in which houses located in middle income residential neighborhoods across 52 US markets will be updated with sustainable solar power panels in 2016.
5 Jul 2015
In the first quarter of this year Toyota passed the 100,000 mark in cumulative sales of their hybrid vehicles, which combine conventional engines and electric power. The achievement means the Japanese manufacturer, which is the clear industry leader in hybrid sales, is well on the way to its target of ann ...
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