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What is Sustainable Mobility?

Sustainable Mobility is the ability to meet the needs of society to move freely, gain access, communicate, trade, and establish relationships without sacrificing other essential human or ecological values today or in the future.

Sustainable Mobility relates to questions like:
  • Can the number of automobiles and commercial vehicles keep increasing?
  • Can our roads accommodate both the increased volume of passenger vehicles and the increased numbers of trucks that seem to be required to transport ever-growing volumes of freight?
  • Can existing and planned airports accommodate the increased number of flights that are projected to result from the continued rapid growth of air travel?
  • Can the airspace, especially over regions such as Western Europe and eastern North America, accommodate this larger number of airplanes?
  • Are the fuels going to be avail-able to power all these cars, trucks, buses, and airplanes?
  • Can urban areas in both the developed and developing worlds cope with growing congestion and growing volumes of emissions?
  • Can we afford to build and maintain the infrastructure that would be required to relieve congestion, and are we willing to let it be built?
  • Has the increased use of private motor vehicles, which offer greater individual mobility or those who can afford and operate them, deprived the poor, the elderly, and others of access to jobs, the ability to visit friends, to purchase the goods they need at competitive prices, and to obtain needed medical attention?
  • Can the world bear the economic and environmental costs of locating, extracting, transporting, and processing the petroleum required by a growing number of vehicles?
  • Can the planet's oceans and atmosphere continue to absorb the increased pollution generated as a by-product of the transportation of vastly larger numbers of people and volumes of goods?