Selectiv coatings in a passive solar panel


What’s yet the best selectiv coating to use in a passive solar panel (to heat up water) ? And where is it possible to obtain such a coating ? Thanks for answer.


What’s yet the best selectiv coating to use in a passive solar panel (to heat up water) ? And where is it possible to obtain such a coating ? Thanks for answer

This might help you out. The following is information regarding the newest insulating material on the market which can be used on the exterior of buildings (roofs), interior of buildings  (wall insulation), exterior of hot or cold piping or any other building unit or equipment which has an insulation issue.  It can increase insulating benefits while reducing required space for insulation materials. I.  PRODUCT TEMP-COAT   Liquid Ceramic Insulation Coating. II.  AVAILABILITY Distributor: Capitran Inc. 18225 – 47th Place NE, Suite 101 Seattle, WA 98155 206-363-5010 206-364-5183 FAX III.  DESCRIPTION TEMP-COAT is a general purpose insulation which comes in liquid form, available in regular and non-combustible (fire-resistant)formulation. TEMP-COAT  provides an inexpensive alternative to the high cost of industrial insulation.  Because it physically adheres to the surface that it is insulating, it significantly reduces corrosion and rust formation.  Its use can greatly reduce the costs of other materials and increase the size of an interior space by eliminating the thickness of interior walls required to accomodate insulation.  Its use reduces both space and weight for any given structure or piece of equipment.   Make Up:  TEMP-COAT is a complete mixture of various silicas and ceramic beads immersed in a high quality latex base with acrylic binders.  This combination of materials makes the product extremely lightweight and pliable, therefore, it expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied.  The resiliency of TEMP-COAT  allows it to double as a leak stop even though it is not sold or warranted for that purpose. Other Properties:  TEMP-COAT can be tinted to virtually any medium to pastel color and the tinting does not effect the radiant effectiveness of the product. Product Quality: TEMP-COAT works well on both convective and conductive heat and cold.  When used in ways not requiring solar reflective qualities, its effectiveness has different values.  Unlike conventional insulation such as fiberglass batting, blankets, foam, fiber insulations, or calcium silicate type pre-formed insulation for piping, TEMP-COAT  is impervious to water and is not affected by salt water.  It forms a continuous covering, not sectioned, like an installed product. It also forms an excellent weatherproof coating over other forms of insulation. Product Limits: TEMP-COAT aids in sealing leaks but is not sold as a leak-stop material.  Product must be applied over a clean, dry, grease and dirt fee substrate.  Operating temperatures can be from -45 F to 550 F.  It can be applied from temperatures ranging from 45 F to 550 F.  On extremely warm to hot surfaces, beginning coats must be thin to avoid blistering. IV.  APPLICATION:  Apply TEMP-COAT   on a dry, clean, substrate which is free from oil, grease, wax or dirt.  Apply by use of spray equipment.  Spray equipment requirement: 3000 PSI, 1.25 GPM, 28:1 ratio airless sprayer with a 021 tip size.  Allow product to cure between coats.  This is a one coat system with curing time of 24 hours under normal conditions.  Brush or roller may be used for touch up, but is not recommended for full application. Approximate Coverage: Spray: 60 SF per gallon at 15/1000 inch thickness on a flat surface.  Reduce coverage by 20% to 25% for a corrugated surface. Clean-Up:  TEMP-COAT  is a latex based product.  Clean up immediately after use with soap and water. Caution::  Use drop cloth and necessary protection   to prevent damage from drips or overspray under windy conditions. V.  TEST RESULTS: TEMP-COAT  has been tested under a number of varying conditions to produce an "R" factor equivalence. ACCORDING TO TEST RESULTS, TEMP-COAT, WHEN APPLIED TO A THICKNESS OF 15/1000 INCH (MILS), ON ROOFS, IT PERFORMS AS WELL AS A 4" THICKNESS OF FOAM WITH AN R-20 RATING IN A HIGH SOLAR/RADIANT HEAT SITUATION. THIS IS IN HIGH SOLAR HEAT (RADIANT HEAT) APPLICATIONS (41% reduction in Heat Flux between uncoated and coated roofs. – DEPT. OF ENERGY TEST) "R" FACTOR EQUIVALENCE NOTE:  Due to the absence of air flow, an "R" factor cannot be used and all tests are performed comparing the usefulness of this insulation with an "R" Factor Equivalence.  In a conductive heat application the results will be slightly different. The product has also undergone a number of ASTM tests as follows: FLAMMABILITY RESULTS TEST METHOD Flame Spread 5  ASTM E-84 Smoke Developed 5 MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Cross Hatch Adhesion l00% ASTM-3359 Tensile Strength(lb/in

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